Frequently Asked Questions


The first step in artistic process is to browse our online portfolio for inspiration in an artistic direction. A quick consultation will then help determine budget and scale. An estimate will be produced along with a visual sample.

Custom Space Consultation

For cohesive interior design, a site visit is usually required. These costs will be entered into the initial deposit and must be received prior to time of site visit.


Scale, choice of materials, and modifications determine total cost. A deposit is required before production will begin.


Discounts vary based on extent of work and production cost.

Lead Time

Lead time varies based on scale and access to materials. This is addressed in the initial consultation.


Local deliveries are generally hand-delivered. If the project requires shipping, crating is noramally recommended. 


We offer installation locally as well as abroad. If travel is required, rates will be discussed on an individual basis.

Maintenance & Care

Specific cleaning and maintenance instructions will be included with your order. For local installs, we offer on-site maintenance service by one of our professionals at an hourly rate.


In the event of damage, repairs can be made in the studio for an additional charge. Shipping costs are separate and the clients responsibility. 


We provide assistance to help determine fees and restrictions regarding local customs, from the early planning stages to delivery. Pieces can usually be crated and shipped internationally. If travel is required, rates will be discussed on an individual basis.